The Pale Countess

The Horror of Eisen


A myth pervaded the Eisen countryside for hundreds of years- a member of royalty granted unnatural long life, a skilled Hexen witch who killed her entire court only to raise them as her servants. A woman whose beauty was surpassed only by her jealousy. It was not enough for her to have something- she must be the only one to have it.

After putting all of her villages to the sword and raising them as ghoulish slaves, the Countess set them to digging pits across her lands, excavating Syrneth ruins a search for… something. The tales do not agree. True immortality without the curse of undeath. A weapon that could turn whole armies to her will. A weapon that could render castle walls as fragile as glass. Any town that stood in her way was killed by the teeth and claws of her ghouls, and raised as new hands to serve her.

Finally a band of Ungetumjagers braved the dark forests and fetid swamps of her domain, crept into her castle, outwitted her tricks and traps, and finally drove an ashen stake through the Countess’ heart, burying her beneath the earth in a stone sarcophagus. Her castle was razed with fire, her ghouls perished without their mistress to command them, while her few mortal servants were slowly hunted to extinction.

And though the ashes of her domain have long since scattered, the War of the Cross has brought many Horrors into the wild. And people whisper of a carriage drawn by pale horses, its coachman reeking of the grave, and its rider promising wealth and riches to any that will help rebuild her with a small favor…

The Pale Countess

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