Harald the Black

Dread Pirate of the North Sea


To come


The Dread Raider of The Maw. While most Vesten became traders with the advent of the Guilder League, some refused to give up the ways of their ancestors. Harald the Black is a legend within this group, and his name grows with every ship he sinks. His longships travel in packs, and none knows how many he truly commands.

The Vesten League has placed a price on his head, knowing that he is the greatest pirate lord of the Vesten Raiders, and the only one that still threatens their ships.

Likewise, Harald has been forever blacklisted by the Brotherhood of the Coast. The man is unwilling to leave prisoners unharmed per the Brotherhood’s code. Any pirate who kills Harald and disperses his fleet will see his fortunes with the Brotherhood greatly improved.

Harald the Black

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