Thirty years ago, all of Eisen lost its mind when the War of the Cross broke out.

Now the guns are silent.

Now the peasants- Vaticine and Objectivist- are dead and buried.

Now the dead dig free and walk, side-by-side, to consume the living.

The city of Posen, with its high walls, strong army, and steadfast ruler Lady Elsa Posen, provided safety and security to any who could reach it. The people here are making a living, rebuilding, laying the foundation for a new generation- something the Eisen would have laughed to think of only ten years ago.

There is good work here for you. Manning the garrison towers. Patrolling the countryside for Horrors. Trading food and goods for Guilders. But it’s not enough for you just to get by.

You know that there’s a fortune to be found out there, a name to be made into legend, a legacy to be built. You just need to find it.

And one Felice Riviera approaches you at the docks, saying that you may be just the people his Mistress, Iolanda Lucani, needs…

Seven Sea Dogs